Certayn Tru and Good nues

Certayn and

tru good nues from the fyege

of the Ifsle Malta, with the goodly

victorie, wyce the Chriftenmen, by the

fauour of God, have ther latlye obtayned,

agaynft the Turks, before the foreteres of faint Elmo

Tranflat owt of Frenche yn to Englyuyfe

And nuli prented yn Gaunt, the 27 of Auguft


The copie of a letter written by the right honorable lorde, brother iohn valet, great mafter and commander of the rodes, now Malta, to the right noble & worthke Capitaynb, don Garcia of Toledo Caitayn General of the kyng of fpayn. Contayining the late nues laft com from Mlata with the horrible & pitiful affauts made by te turhs apon the fayd fortrefis and the fayer vcotri, wych the Chriftians ahd before faint Elmo, the xv & xvj day of Iune laft paft

Syns I fent vnto your honor the vertuus knight laluage, I wrat twys, & fent the letters tro Gozz, God grant they may furely paff, and afterward we fent fourrh alight boot with owers, cauled a fregat, wych making all diligence to goo & com, were browght to fuch necefiti, being abowt.ij. leagues owt yn the fea, that they were fayn to take flight to faue themfelf, for afmuche as they were chafted by theinimies, & they caft theyr letter yn to the fea, & fo retournyng reconvered again the lád of Malta by the grave of God. After the Siege of MarzoSicorcco was reued. & I forfeyng to beryght neceffari to advertife your honor, that the hauenm ys not yeatfo neare enclofed with thenimie, I caufed to be browght from the land a brigantine, or fmall fhyp to Marzo fcala bycaufe the fyege of owr enemies lyeth on the other fyde, I hoope the fame fhall come wythowt any ftop (wyche God grant) ád that to aduervyfe your honor that the xv day of Iune, toward evening, that the hwole armye or fyege with all theyr fhyps paffed by here, that they were eafili perveyued of owers fró the havuen, fo that the nyght hynderd usnothyhn for the great noyfe wych al dyfarmed, & yll apoyted, hauing left etheir hole, & good shyps at Marzo mufcheto, & one part oft thé at faint Giorgis. Whye the fyege of Marzo Mufche to ys rayfed, the caufe thereof ys lack of frefh water, and yt may be for the great feare they haue of the armye of your lordfhyp, for as we vnderftánde they be advertyfed how there are yn a redidines at Mefina 150 galleis & other fhyps, therfor they dare not cónfofer as faynt Pawles ftayers, but lye as neare to their armie (wych ys a lond) as they pofsible may, neuertheles albeit that this place lyeth fo nye, year ys yt not fo fure, yf they were yun haft, they might hardli cóm to theyr fhyps, as thowgh they were ferder of, o the fide of Marzo Sirocco ys not one man to be fene, for they haue left yt up, & fet fyar on the howfis of faint Cathgarins, & faint Ihons, now they begon from the fayd Marzo toward theyr fyege, wych ys alway before faynt Elmo, we fe playnli that almyghti God purpofeth to defend the fayd place of faint Elmo, for afmucheas yeafterday in the morning owr mé refyfted more by miracle, then otherwyfe, one affault during iiij howers lóng, wyche thenimies dyd make yn dyuers placis, fpeciali at a bridge that was bwylt by thém, with the mafts & decks of iiij galeis, on the fyde of Marzo mufcheto, wyche affault they made iiij tymes, & fo furiufli that ateuerie tyme they browght frefh men, & at eueri tyme were repulft, & bet back with great loff of theyr men, and not without loff of owrs, for of owr fyde remained ded two hundred, and 150 hurt and Capitan mirende was flayn wych was great fryef vnto us, ád of turks were flayne abowt 2000, and as many hurt, and they were left the moft part yn the dyches of faint Elmo, with this victori owr men be fo encouraged & made hardye, that I truft to keape thys place úntil the comíg of your lordfhps exelence, not wythftanding owr enemies be muche refrefhed, & more fyers & defperat, thén before, as I haue not fene the lyke, for they haue fhot within xv dayes, xiij M fhot of artilarie, nevertheless yf I may ffynd foccours (as I hoop to do) by meanes of owr galleys I dowbt not a whyt, but to keape thys place, for the faff garding of the wych, I haue almoft fpent all that I haue, goods & men, and we are refolued & utterly determined apón this point, to dye toguyther, hoping and looking after ayd, & fuccours fróm your exelence.   Confidering & feyng yn what dangier we may cóm yn, thorowgh long tarians ánd delayes, we befeke your exeléce , not to fayle to gyue vs fom afyftance, at left wych fom number of caliant men, wyche is eafiet to be don, by that good meanes I haue cerfied you, feying the fyege ys retired fro Marzo fyrocco they may lánd yn the fame fyde cauled pietra nigra, all owr comfort & hoop, next God, ys yn your exelence, to the wych I comménd & submit my felf hwolye, prayng the God almyghti for good auenture, & profperiti. From Malta the xviij day of Iune, 1565.



 By me I. Vallet.